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Clearing The Smoke From Around Outdoor Gas Fire Pits!

Misconceptions arise about outdoor gas fire pits because they are not the most common outdoor accessory. People hear the word ‘gas’ and instantly think that the flammable nature of it can lead to severe safety risks and that these outdoor fire pits are unsafe.
Of course these gas fire pits should never be considered toys and should never be fooled around with. Children should never be left in charge of the gas fire pits, nor ever be left alone around them. These are all common sense measures that should be followed through any activities that involve gas and fire. People need to realize that the majority of incidents involving these fire pits are through misuse and general lack of proper safety measures.

The newly found popularity behind these outdoor gas fire pits, allows these misconceptions to be formed as the old school fire pit users and salespeople will try to hold onto their piece of the pie when it isn’t in the best interest of the buyer, just of their bottom line.

What Makes the Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Superior?

The costs of the outdoor gas fire pit are a little more steep then a simple metal ring that you plop out in the yard and keep buying wood for burn, have to remove the ashes and dispose of them. It is cause enough to just step back and think of that simple comparison. The gas alone burns cleaner, with little to no smell, no embers or flying debris and no ashes to worry about. Not to mention the space it saves without having to have ash boxes, buffer zones (distance between you and the fire pit to not get smoke or flying embers on you fresh off the fire), or wood storage.

The freedom of an outdoor gas fire pit is second to none. There are very few products that can duplicate the warmth, comfort and companionship generated by a fire pit, while subtracting most of its downfalls through improved environmental measures with its cleaner burning and tree conservation, and the space it saves without needing a lot of the necessities that the previous non gas fire pit required. You also cannot have open yard burning in pits or not unless it is contained to an outdoor gas fire pit. It is one of the only legal ways that you can enjoy outdoor cook outs and enjoy companionship outdoors while still looking out for yourself and the environment.

The cost may be higher compared to the pricing of a non gas fire pit, but the benefit and the long term gains of it far out weight anything else that could be comparable. You are looking at spending in the neighbourhood of 1000$ for a good, safe unit that will be around for many years to come.

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